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Clash Royale :: #1 PLAYER IN THE WORLD :: HIS DECK & TIPS!【Play Games】

“Clash Royale” game play video

If you want to enjoy game play or capture, or want to cheat or hack, please watch this video.

Hey Clashers! Today in Clash Royale we receive a visit from none other than Zed! Zed is currently the number one player in the entire world in Clash Royale. He was kind enough to come by and share some of his Miner / Minion Horde deck gameplay with us, including a win versus the current number 2 player in the game! He’ll share various strategy tips along the way from a brief Q&A I did with him. Enjoy!

Check out Zane playing Trifecta here:

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Stay tuned for Zane vs Jordan Trifecta showdown!

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“Clash Of The Ash” is the first single from Runrig’s thirteenth studio album “Everything You See”

“Clash Royale” is the emergence of a fighting type card game of a new sense that contains the tense battle of the real-time strategy and the luck element unique to the card game.

In this game, cards are used to summon Knight and Archer and attack the enemy’s castle.

However, which card comes out depends on luck, so I can not get rid of it until the last second. Why do not you experience the battle of incandescence?