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Subway Surfers high score 51,182,650 (Better than hackers!)【Play Games】

If you want to enjoy game play or capture, or want to cheat or hack, please watch this video.

► Increase the duration of power-ups: upgrade Jetpack, Super Sneakers, Coin Magnet and 2x Multiplier, all maxed.
► Complete missions to get the highest multiplier (x30).
► Use Score Booster to increase the multiplier by 5 (x35 total). Only one needed.
► Get a lot of hover boards to protect yourself from crashing. I used 425 in this game.
► Use Daredevil or Hot Rod Board. Both have the special power to make you surf faster, which makes the game less boring (mine took almost 6 hours long) and helps you focusing on hoverboard transition (because speed decreases). Also useful to take more profit of the power-ups.
► Buy Double Coins. It’s the only item I bought (the only one really useful).
► Get at least (1+2+4+8+16+32+64=) 127 Keys to have 7 Save Me’s. You will find them during the game or by buying boxes.
► Score 35,000,000. With 7 Save Me’s, you have to do an average of 4,350,000 points per life.
► Get 250,000 coins. With 35M scored, you have to get an average of 1 coin every 140 points (easy with coin doubler). After dying they give you 60 points per coin. So… 250,000 x 60 = 15,000,000.
► Total: 35,000,000 + 15,000,000 = 50,000,000 and hackers beaten!

Subway Surfers by Kiloo Games:
Game Recorded with Elgato Game Capture.
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“Subway Surfers” is a 3D action game application. Players escape exclusively on the railway line approaching the train from directly in front of them. Let’s get coins and items while running away.

It’s easy to play. Jump and move forward to avoid obstacles and just keep moving the rail to the right to avoid colliding with the train. It is also possible to ride a skateboard item and deliver a tricky big game. Not only as a relaxation from work but also for a little change between study and work.

If you like Action Games to avoid avoiding obstacles, those looking for a game that you can go crazy with just one hand, why do not you take this book in your hand?