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Dawn of Titans Walkthrough Review : 460k def Max Level Garrison (1.13.2)【Play Games】

If you want to enjoy Dawn of Titans, please watch this video.

My videos usually don’t employ a lot of tactics. Being maxed level with maxed troops is what wins me most battles. Sheer luck wins the rest. Im a terrible attacker. So no need to remind me of this.

Funny Dawn of Titans video:

Dawn of Titans Drakor/Wor tribute video:

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“Dawn of Titans” is a real-time strategy game that will fight magnificent battle by directing the army of warriors with Titans boasting power in giants and power.

The moment when hundreds of hundreds of people hit each other is very dynamic.

Beautiful 3D graphics are a big feature. I am surprised that each warrior’s movement is built in.

It is perfect for those who want to play with themselves with fulfilling content that you can play against other players or enhance your castle.