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Game of War: Fire Age – How To Grow Fast Without Buying Gold【Play Games】

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Hello, my name is Danny-Z and welcome to GamerU tips, tricks and tutorial videos for Game of War – Fire Age. In the game, this is probably the most asked question, “How do I do well without spending money?” The answer is in how you set up your city in the beginning when growth is easiest. You will want to take advantage of the Hero Skill Tree as your hero level’s up and invest as much as possible into research. You will have to invest into Troop Attack and Food Production first, so just apply the minimum amount of skill points to them to be able to access the Research skill. From there, you have a couple options after mastering the skill, you can move on to the right side of the skill tree and continue applying the minimal investment until you reach Research II skill; or, you can master the Construction skill and then move on to Research II. If you happen to be in a kingdom that has people attacking each other a lot, after mastering Research II, you will want to master Construction and move on to Trap Building. You will need this speed up because people could be attacking you every day and traps can’t be recovered until later in the game. Obviously the trap research will slow down building construction, but the payoff is worth it considering it will help you protect your resources. Finally, you can research boosts to help with construction, gathering, trap building and more in the Academy. Make sure you prioritize Construction in the Economics tab, but otherwise, feel free to invest in whatever boosts you want and have fun with it!

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“Game of War – Fire Age” is a serious fighting game!
Game of War! Raise the kingdom and make the strongest troops, organize alliances and cooperate play and increase the territory.

A PVP battle whose victory or defeat is determined by a combination of soldiers is a serious strategy collision! It is a game full of elements that I think is extremely thrilling, such as freely nurtured countries and soldiers, places where I can play with foreign players with automatic translation system.

Let’s get started with today’s “Game of War” starting today!