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block hexa puzzle Android walkthrough regular a level 73【Gameplay】

If you want to clear Block! Hexa Puzzle level 73,, please watch this video.

Block Hexa Puzzle Regular A Level 73

Block! Hexa Puzzle Free download  Block! Hexa Puzzle Mod APK to get hints as much as you need for free. Its a puzzle genre game with bright visuals and stunning animations. It has one premium item named as hints with which you will get to know about the right move when you are stuck while solving puzzle. You can unlock hints from the game store by paying money which is too much for these mere purchases. So we’ve developed this android hack and filled it with never ending supply of hints.

Its a simple fun filled game where you need to pick a block from the bottom of the screen by tapping on it. After that you need to tap and hold on that block and drag it to frame above it. Now you need to fix that block into the right place in the frame. If you place the block randomly in frame, it will be difficult to fix other two frames. Ultimately you will be stuck and than hints came into play via which you will get to know about the exact place of block in frame. Game spans over 300 levels which are easy to play but difficult to master.

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“Block! Hexa Puzzle” is an embedded puzzle game that puts on colorful pieces.

The rule is very easy. Just put on prepared pieces in variously shaped frames. It is stage clear if all the pieces fit perfectly. It also feels good to combine animations that can be played with pawns as pieces to be cleared up.

At first it is refreshing to melt crunchy, it will become difficult when it comes later, but the refreshing feeling when solved separately is exceptional.