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Lords Mobile – Android Gameplay HD【Play Games】

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Game Description:

Lords Mobile is a multiplayer online, real-time war strategy game. You will play the fantasy world of a lord, to establish their own kingdom, train troops, to join the epic multiplayer war, captured enemy city, captured legendary hero, form alliances with other players to help each other, to defeat those who block your dominate the world of the enemy!
Game Features
☆ ☆ ultimate 3D picture quality
Magnificent territory and exquisite architecture in the form of full 3D presentation on a big map, the game of the macroscopic world at a glance. Fine picture of the game, even the crust cracks mountains are clearly visible.

Exclusive kingdom ☆ ☆ construction
Upgrade various legendary building, research science and technology, training troops, upgrading heroes, build trap, let your kingdom increasingly robust powerful!

☆ ☆ unique hero play
All heroes have their unique skills and attacks. Copy of the hero in the adventure is born pregnant stunt maverick, enter Corps War soldier strikes would incarnation commanding generals, to bring you a completely different combat experience.

☆ ☆ resourceful tactics
Arms into the cavalry, infantry, archers, catapults, etc., and there are distinct characteristics fatal weakness. Only intelligence reconnaissance in place a clear strategy, and in a timely manner with the hero of the Legion skills, learn from each other, before winning a thousand miles.

☆ ☆ grasp the immediate fighting
Siege, attack, defenders, attack, all of them in this game is no longer a dull text battlefield, but in 3D rendering, powerful picture performance tension, not only allows players to experience the immersive live blood more important is to let you know your battlefield reasons for the defeat, learn regroup.

☆ ☆ Battle Union Assembly
Join the alliance, and allies to guide the country to discuss policy and complementary assistance, you can also build your army and allies launched their enemies epic Hundred Regiments.

Game Size: 97 Mb

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“Lords Mobile” is a real-time real-time strategy game that gathers popularity around the world.

The player is to become a road (the king), organize the army while making a country, cooperate with the guild ‘s colleagues to attack the fortress called the wonder base, participate in a large war.