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Rival Gears Racing GAMEPLAY #1 | WALKTROUGH Online Race 【iOS / Android 】

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Rival Gears Racing GAMEPLAY #1 | Rival Gears Racing WALKTROUGH #1 Online Race | Racing Games 2017

Race Head to Head in this unique high speed action racer. Compete alone or as part of a team against others in high stakes leagues and events. Bet big to win big.


Do you have what it takes to beat the best?

Challenge real players in exciting adrenaline fuelled races through busy city streets. Set wagers, race for glory and riches, and become a real high roller.

Choose from a wide range of stunning rides, each with their own classic lines blended with sleek future styling. These are cars like no other.

Join or create a Pro-Team and play with old friends and make new ones. Get exclusive benefits, help your friends, and work together to become the top team in the world.

Take part in exciting events and win big! Get your hands on exclusive cars and liveries, plus crates of goodies and riches.

Push your car to the max by upgrading its many modules – plus give it a distinctive look with stunning liveries and paint jobs.

Compete for turf on the dynamic campaign map and unlock cars, lobbies, events and bonus items – but watch your back, as you’ll be upsetting a few people in the process.

Climb the league tiers to unlock increasing rewards. Can you reach the top?

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“Rival Gears Racing” is a Taiman racing game running along a rival car and a straight road.

High speed race to be held in the center of the near future! Let’s challenge an individual or team game where a lot of money moves.

The race is done on a general road on which other cars run, moving around the lanes and avoiding it. If you run a certain distance you can use boost, try to aim for the fastest time by separating the rival car.

If you win the race you get the funds and parts, you can buy a new body using funds or train a certain number of parts to own a car body.

Let’s aim for the world’s best racer while using various bodies with different abilities.