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Piano Tiles 2 – Eine Klein Nachtmusik – 3345 World Record【Play Games】

If you want to enjoy game play or capture, or want to cheat or hack, please watch this video.

I using Logitech C920 Webcam to record facecam this time to test how nice the capture video quality is… and its amazing !!! But… Im not sure where the sneezing sound come from… because I didn’t sick and sneezing but those sound has been recorded as part of video… Maybe I really sneezing at the moment =X

Player: Eugene Kua

Any song request can comment below

“Piano tile 2” has won first place in 155 countries in the music game category ranking of worldwide app store including AppStore and has a track record of being elected in 87 countries in GooglePlay “Beat Of Game 2015” But it is a popular music game that you can taste like a pianist.

Rules are easy, black tiles fall from the top of the screen, so they just tap. Then, how is it, a beautiful piano melody flows.
If you play awkwardly you can play a clumsy melody, smoothly play it in a beautiful melody …… You can experience the feeling as if you were really a pianist.

Numerous famous pieces that I only listened to until now. From now on, why not try tasting the impression you play.