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Wilbur – Bubble Witch Saga 3 Gameplay Preview【Play Games】

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Wilbur (Bubble Witch Saga 3) gameplay preview with commentary by Pete Peppers.
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This Wilbur – Bubble Witch Saga 3 preview shows the new mechanics and level modes in the third Bubble Witch Saga game. Wilbur the cat is the new boss who we have to beat as we move through the map. This Bubble Witch Saga 3 gameplay preview is played on Android where Wilbur is currently in soft launch. We expect to see Bubble Witch 3 on iOS and Windows 10 as well.

Bubble Witch Saga 3 – Wilbur is a brand new sequel to the Bubble Witch Saga series from King. Wilbur takes off from where Bubble Witch 2 Saga left off with all of your favorite bubble shooter bells and whistles plus wide variety of new features and bubble modes.
King has released Wilbur in soft launch so it is only available in select regions. Bubble Witch 3 should be out worldwide some time in 2016.
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Candy crush “series, along with King’s leading puzzle game series” Bubble Witch “. This application is the third work of Bubble Witch.

The basic rule is as usual. Let’s erase bubbles steadily by hitting bubbles of the same color.

This work is a story that goes on adventure with a partner ‘s black cat Nero to help the Fairy Queen whose witch’ s Stella was patted. Besides that, there are plenty of new elements such as power shots.