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Angry Birds Dice Gameplay Android / iOS【Play Games】

The movie which played “Angry Birds Dice” is here! If you would like more fun, please click here!

Angry Birds: Dice by JOYCITY Corp. (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
Roll the Dice, Play Skill Cards, Takeover Towns and Rule the board!

Attraction of “Angry Birds Dice”

Bird and Pig dice match. “Angry Bird” became a board game.

Popular all over the world action “Angry Bird”. Various derived works such as puzzle games have appeared, but this time it has become a monopoly-like board game and it appeared.

A rule easy to play also for beginners, based on increasing assets while occupying town. Everyone can enjoy it because various elements such as the use place of the skill card and the luck of this are involved. It is also paying attention to the comical animation of Birds.

Points of the game

Easy rule based on monopoly. Let’s save the assets by shaking the dice
“Capture” the opponent and forcibly pay the toll. Strategy using cards
Characters with various performances appeared. The game has begun before shaking the dice

Tips to play

Shake the dice and move. Let’s increase assets while occupying town. Be careful not to go bankrupt.
Using “capture” cards, push the other party into force of high toll fee. How to use skill cards will greatly affect victory or defeat.
As well as birds, you can use characters with various performances. I can also use a pig pig.


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