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Power Rangers Legacy Wars – Walkthrough Battles and New Characters【Gameplay】

If you want to enjoy Power Rangers Legacy Wars, please check this video out!

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Gameplay and Battles.

With Power Rangers Movie released today in theaters! Download Power Rangers Legacy Wars on your iOS and Android devices.

This is our first official gameplay video for Power Rangers Legacy Wars. In this video, we feature several battles, the entire character roster, league stages, and in-game purchases (Morph Boxes, Zeo Shards, and Zeo Crystal).

Psycho Red (Psycho Rangers / Power Rangers in Space) and Master Xandred characters were released in the global launch.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars is a real-time multiplayer fighting game featuring Power Rangers and villains from Power Rangers history including the feature film. The launch characters will include Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Samurai, Power Rangers Dino Charge, and Power Rangers Movie. .

Saban’s Power Rangers Movie (2017) is now in theaters. All-new episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Steel return later this year.