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War and Order – Android Gameplay Walkthrough HD

If you want to enjoy War and Order,please watch this video!

War and Order – Android Gameplay Walkthrough HD

“War and Order” is a real-time strategy that deploys animals, dragons, fairies, etc. and fights with enemy countries by forming an alliance while realizing the kingdom.

Fierce battle real time animation! You can battle with weapons battle, dragon roar, magic randomness, real-time battle, rivals from all over the world, bring together allies and develop joint operations. And you can explore the unknown world and capture the evil shaman and auger and extend the territory for the alliance! You are stronger than the historical king! But you can succeed alone It depends on the goal that you and your allies set up and the imagination that is nothing.

Truthful and fierce battle process, background music echoing in the heart, majestic world background, strategy and strategies of change! WarandOrder Enter the world and experience the new world!