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Yu Gi Oh DUEL LINKS – Gameplay Review découverte FR HD【Play Games】

If you want to enjoy gameplay Yu Gi Oh DUEL LINKS, please watch this video.

Agréablement surpris ! Comme quoi le mobile sort de plus en plus de qualité malgré sa plateforme.
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“Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links” is an official application that fully reproduced Yu-Gi-Oh!

How do you do a complicated duel with a small smart screen? I think, this is thought very well. You will be surprised at its comfort by going to Switzerland with the operation of one finger such as drawing, battle, triggering of magic / trap.

The cards that appear are the same as OCG. Full voice, with solid vision. Now, let’s go and fight with the rivals across the country to fight a glowing heat. Duel standby!