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Paper io Crown Best Score 100% New Record Walkthrough Champion【Play Games】

“” game play video

If you want to enjoy game play or capture, or want to cheat or hack, please watch this video. Crown Best Score 100% New Record

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More! More! Even more space! Take it all in the new game from Voodoo –

This game Xonix rethought the idea, one of the first computer games, which was published in 1984. As with all IO games have you, but there are opponents who want to outwit you. And you – them by itself. Capture territory, but take care of the tail – your weak spot.

The game is addictive and not the least of it – the merit of stylish hand-drawn graphics and smooth animation.

A quix-like online squatting game that draws lines to enlarge the area.

The purpose is to move your own machine, enclose it in a line and expand your area. If other players touched the line while touching the line, touching their line by themselves, touching the outside wall, the game is over.

Conversely you can knock down by touching another player’s line.