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Temple Run VS Temple Run 2 VS Temple Run Oz VS Temple Run Brave | All Maps, Multiple Characters【Play Games】

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Today we bring to you clips from the best infinite runner game series ever made for the mobile platform!
Temple Run VS Temple Run 2 VS Temple Run Oz VS Temple Run Brave

Temple Run is the first game of this series and this is where it all started! This was the first game that took the world by storm and everyone was trying to run away with the golden statue! Temple Run offers a single map with a lot of variations and was the first app to feature a number of playable characters including:
– Guy Dangerous
– Scarlett Fox
– Barry Bones
– Karma Lee
– Montana Smith
– Francisco Montoya
– Zack Wonder

Temple Run 2 is THE best game of the series and is the most downloaded amongst all Temple Run series games. In Temple Run 2, Frozen Shadows costs 500 diamonds whereas Blazing Sands is available for a limited time only! So Sky Summit is the only scene that you really get to play. Temple Run 2 offers three different maps namely:
– Sky Summit
– Frozen Shadows
– Blazing Sands

Temple Run Oz is one of the most popular infinite runners out there! Even though the app is paid, it offers a variety of beautiful scenes and surprises in each one of them! Temple Run Oz is very similar to Temple Run 2 and Temple Run Brave. Temple Run Oz offers four different scenes namely:
– Dark Forest
– Emerald City
– Whimsie Woods
– Winkie Country

Temple Run Brave is another paid version adapted from Temple Run 2. The game is based on the Disney movied Brave and features some really awesome graphics, scenes and different costumes for the lead character Merida.

Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Temple Run Oz and Temple Run Brave are all developed by Imangi Studios and we thank them for these wonderful infinite runner games! Out of these four games, Temple Run and Temple Run 2 are also published by Imangi Studios whereas Temple Run Oz and Temple Run Brave are published by Disney.

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Temple Run:
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A running action game “Temple Run” that achieved record number of downloads of more than 170 million times as a record game application for smartphones.

The legitimate sequel “Temple Run 2” is a realistic realistic work that goes beyond the previous work, plus the element to be included in the upgrade, and is a workmanship suitable for calling it just as a sequel to the masterpiece series.

It is a simple game that chases obstacles by jumping or sliding while aimed at ahead while being chased by a monster. As with the previous work, the elements involved that can strengthen items by collecting coins are obvious. In addition to item strengthening, in this work, characters can now be selected from 4 people. Try collecting coins on the path and try playing with other characters, or try using coins for strengthening. How you play is up to you.

The adventure ability is also improved compared with the previous work.
In the previous work, even those that were only slides and jumps, the action of crossing the air through the rope has been added. There are also a lot of amazing obstacles and gimmicks waiting for you to experience the realistic feeling as if you were the hero of the movie.

This work which increased the adventure property greatly, as it is the element of the previous work’s wearing. For those who played the previous work, of course, even those who are new to this work can enjoy it.