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Fire Emblem Heroes Guide & Tutorial: Step-By-Step Walkthrough For Beginners PLUS Hard Mode Gameplay!【Play Games】

If you want to enjoy game play or capture, or want to cheat or hack, please watch this video.

Fire Emblem Heroes tutorial and step by step guide will take you through every aspect of this game and teach you everything you need to know.

This Fire Emblem Heroes guide is intended for beginners and intermediate players.

Learning how to play Fire Emblem Heroes is very important because there really aren’t clear explanations of how everything works in the game.

In this Fire Emblem Heroes tutorial I will cover everything that is inside of the man tabs, home, battle, allies, summon, shop, and misc.

I will also cover in this Fire Emblem Heroes guide tips and tricks on how to make smart plays with 3 actual play throughs.

I play through Fire Emblem Heroes for you to see my thought process and also so you can learn some tips and tricks about positioning your heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes gameplay.

Below I include links to each section of this complete Fire Emblem Heroes tutorial so that you can easily jump around to find the information you are looking for about Fire Emblem Heroes.

0:00 Intro
0:35 (Home Screen & Currency)
3:49 (Battle Tab)
6:25 (Allies Tab) -Edit Team
7:00 -Learn Skills
7:30 -Star Rating System
8:40 -Stat Explanation
11:47 -Upgrading Skills (SP)
13:08 -Equip Skills
14:09 -Level Up
18:09 -Send Home
20:15 -Unlock Potential
21:42 -Merge Allies
23:15 (Summon Tab)
24:40 (Shop Tab)
24:50 -Upgrading Castle
26:02 -Restore Stamina
26:30 -Restore Dueling Swords
26:47 -Expand Barracks
27:20 (Misc Tab)
28:12 (Battling)
28:39 -Combat Triangle (Physical)
29:16 -Combat Triangle (Spell Casters)
29:40 -Combat Triangle (Neutral Units)
32:09 Map Levels & Difficulty
33:53 Hard Mode Play Through – Chapter 8: Part 3
45:20 Lunatic Mode Play Through – Chapter 1: Part 2
47:56 Hard Mode Play Through Chapter 8: Part 4

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From the Famicom era, SRPG ‘s monumental “Fire Emblem” series, a new “Fire Emblem Heroes” has emerged as a smart appliance.

As a “hero” summoned from a different world, players aim for victory by summoning past characters.

While there are many systems handed over from past works, there are also boldly modified elements such as no lost. Although it may feel unsatisfactory for old fans, you can enjoy it if you divide it as “ease of play for smartphone”.