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Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH)Hack Cheat- unlimited free Orbs and Feathers 【Android/iOS】

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Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH)Hack Cheat- unlimited Orbs and Feathers for Android/iOS

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Fire Emblem Heroes (FE Heroes)

Simulation RPG for android / iOS

Attraction of Game

It is the first smartphone version of the simulation RPG “Fire Emblem” series. It is characterized by arranging for smart phones while taking advantage of the real pleasure of the game system that the “FE” series has established.
In addition to the appearance of the “Fire Emblem Heroes” original character, a lot of characters from the series also appear.

View of the world of game

The world where Embra empire aiming to dominate all different worlds and the ask kingdom against it are present. The player becomes a “summoner” who can borrow the power of successive “heroes” and will challenge the battle to save the Asuk kingdom in danger of being destroyed.

Game system

In addition to the story mode of playing a story, there are prepared “a stadium” where special events can be played, and you can play against the main teams of other players.

Story mode is a flow of playing story part and battle part alternately on one stage.

The battle scene is exactly “Fire Emblem” itself. In the map divided into 8 × 6 squares, we aim for victory conditions by alternately moving our team and enemy team units. Experience values ​​accumulate by action. Then the level of the unit goes up fighting.