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Chameleon Run MOD APK Levels Unlocked【Hack Cheat】

If you want to enjoy game play or capture, or want to cheat or hack, please watch this video.

Chameleon Run is Puzzle Runner in a unique vivid colored way. We have seen so many EPIC runner games from Temple Run to Infinite Numbers of Games. some offered Run with famous characters or celebrities. Some Games arrived with storyline and some games in 2D and 3D or platforms. Chameleon Run is different from all those Runner games. what different is that First of all unique gameplay its awesome i have not seen anything like this before its masterpiece. Its a platformer game yes One Right Hand tap to jump your character and avoid obstacles. and left hand tap will turn your characters color in to pink and pink back to its original. you must match the platform color and character color if you want to lend in there. Its a complete package of Action Fast Paced Runner game with awesome visuals and levels you gotta try this one.

What’s In The MOD:
Unlocked All The Levels

Requires Android: 3.1 and Up


Download Chameleon Run MOD APK Levels Unlocked :

Install APK and Play.

“Chameleon Run” is a run game that changes the color of the main character according to the color of the floor like a chameleon.

I run at high speed in the rapidly flowing background.

Because the hero runs automatically, the operation is only tap. You can discolor at the left tap and jump at the right tap. You can fly long distances with long-press taps, and you can do 2-step jump by tapping twice, and a variety of actions are possible.

It is almost like a wind, a game that is unbearable.