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How to Skip Candy Crush Saga’s Time Restrictions & Unlock More Levels Faster – Android & iOS【Play Games】

If you want to enjoy Candy Crush Saga, please watch this video.
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In this video, I’ll be walking you through the super simple process of hacking (i.e. skipping) the time restrictions on Candy Crush Saga’s Mystery Quest levels.

These quests block you from you playing any further by either making you A.) connect to Facebook, B.) purchase your way past the level, or C.) play the three mystery quests—but only one per 24-hour period.

If you don’t want to connect to Facebook and nag your friends and don’t want to spend any money on lame in-app purchases, the only other option is to play the mystery quests and wait 24 hours in-between each one.

But you don’t have to wait.

On both Android and iOS devices, which I demonstrate on using my Nexus 7 and my iPhone 5, you can easily cheat / skip this lousy time restriction in Candy Crush Saga by simply taking your device OFF automatic date and time and fast-forwarding your time a couple days. When you go back to Candy Crush, you’ll be able to play the next mystery quest immediately.


Make sure you set the date back to automatic on your device BEFORE actually playing. If you don’t and run out of lives, then attempt to set it back to automatic, you’ll be presented with a ridiculously large countdown.


To fix this, just reset the clock to be past the date of the time the Candy Crush clock is giving you. It could be a couple days, or up to a year. It all depends on the original fake date you set before playing and wasting your lives. Then, verify your lives are reset in Candy Crush, then IMMEDIATELY go back and change the date back to automatic BEFORE playing, so the next time you run out of lives, you’ll see the normal countdown clock.


Any time you run into these game-blocking levels, this is what you do to get past them without bothering Facebook friends, spending money, or waiting.

In my example, I used it on the Mystery Quest spot between Levels 35 and 36.

This trick also works when you run out of lives, meaning you can pretty much have unlimited lives without ever bugging your Facebook friends, paying, or even waiting.

Candy Crush Saga is a Facebook application developed and operated by King · Digital · entertainment, match 3 puzzle game for iOS, Android.
We arrange and erase three or more colorful candies.

Let’s clear the level by earning the score while erasing the candy of the same kind in rows and columns side by side.
Use a special candy that can be made by arranging candies and aim for a high score!

Let’s click on the candy you want to replace with the mouse.
The things that are exchanged are those that are next to each other vertically and laterally.
To clear the condition of the level, if you cancel the candy by the time limit in the upper left of the screen, filling up the gauge on the left side of the screen will achieve level and proceed to the next level.