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How to Play Pokemon GO | Level Up Fast (Tutorial)【Play Games】

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In today’s video, I tell you how to play Pokemon GO and the methods on how to level up fast in Pokemon GO! Make sure to share this video if you enjoyed! Now almost Lv20 as a casual player using the tips in this Pokemon GO tutorial.


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Before we start, yes I know I’m a low level compared to many. Mainly due to the server wanting to crash 15 minutes after going out, and also because I’m a free to play player at the moment. But I’ve done a lot of research and compiled the best stuff I could find into a quick little video.

This video will be split up into 3 parts, first we will go over where you get XP, second part will be about lucky eggs, and the third part will be various tips about what to do and how to go about leveling up fast.

Catching Pokemon, the main thing you should be doing in Pokemon GO!

Catch a Pokémon 100 XP
Evolve a Pokémon 500 XP
Acquire a new species of Pokémon 500 XP

While catching your Pokemon, it should be noted that depending on how well you throw the ball, you may or may not get bonus exp. For a curve ball, you will get an additional 10 XP, and is arguably easier than going for another type of catch, which makes you throw the ball inside the shrinking ring. The smaller the ring, and depending on if the ball lands there, the more exp you will get. There are 3 levels, a nice, great, and excellent throw, giving increasing bonus exp rewards. 10 for a nice, 50 for a great, and 100 for an excellent.

Something you may not have noticed, is that some Pokestops are better than others. The bigger ones give twice the exp as the normal ones, and typically give about twice the items as well, so keep an eye out for them!

And finally, before we get to the next part of this video, we’ll talk about gyms, and how much exp you can get from there!

Firstly about fighting allies, or pitting your Pokemon against a gym your team owns. The amount of xp per Pokemon defeated depends on the combat power, or CP of the ally.

If it has way lower CP you will only get 15XP, if it has only a bit less you will get 30 CP. Any amount higher CP than your own and you get 50XP. Any enemy Pokemon you fight will grant you 100XP, and clearing out an entire gym grants you an additional 50XP.

Next we will talk about Lucky Eggs, when to use them, how to get them, and other tips. Besides buying them in the store for 80 coins each (less in bulk) you will get a free one at level 9,10, and 15, and 2 more at level 20. So as you can see, they are very rare and very limited unless you plan to buy them, so use them wisely.

The most common thing to do before using a lucky egg is to gather up as many first evolution Pokemon as you can. Pidgey is the favorite for being the most common and cheapest to evolve. Weedles and Caterpies are also good.

It is said that you can evolve around 70 of them in the time span of a lucky egg. Whether you want to grind that hard or not before using your first at level 9 is entirely up to you.

One important thing to note, is that while it’s typically not efficient to evolve a Pidgeotto into a Pidgot, if you’ve never had a Pidgeot before, you will get another 500xp for the new Pokemon bonus. It’s still not as good as just evolving Pidgeys, due to the candy cost, but if you want it in your Pokedex, or just to have it, and have more than 70 Evolutions to get through already, it would be a good time to do it.

Another thing is to try and time your eggs hatching and being next to a Pokestop when you activate your lucky egg.

Now onto the final part, where we talk about basic tips that are relevant to leveling.

For the sake of XP and pokeball usage efficiency, it’s actually better to catch unevolved Pokemon rather than already evolved ones, unless you really want it, or need it for your pokedex. It’s harder to catch evolved Pokemon, and the amount of pokeballs you need will typically be higher.

The same goes for rather wanting to catch pokemon with lower CP, catching the first form of pokemon that have 3 forms, and avoiding pokemon that don’t evolve.

A few more things about evolutions and leveling up your pokemon.

It costs candy to level up your pokemon, so absolutly don’t do it unless its on it’s final evolution, and you know you will keep it for a very long time. Typically you shouldn’t be leveling any Pokemon before you’re level 20, as their base CP keeps going up while you level but reaches near it’s cap around this time.

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