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Color Switch TARGET LEVELS 1-50 walkthrough review【Play Games】

If you want to play Color Switch and enjoy, please watch this video.

This My GamePlay Of The New Mode Target Of Color Switch
color switch target levels 1-50
target color switch
target level 25,target level 35, target level 38,target level 48, 25, 35, level 48, level 25, level 35, level 38

I Finished All 2375 Levels.

About this game

“Color Switch” is a timing tap action game that aims at a high score while passing through the same color object timely through rhythmic BGM.

How to play this game

Tap the ball carefully to break through the obstacles. The color of the ball changes and you gain power up.
To surmount obstacles it must have the same color as that!

When you touch an obstacle of a color different from the ball, it is redoing from the beginning.