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Color Switch How to Hack cheats 【Best Score 1000000000】

If you want to hacked Color Switch and cheat, please watch this video.


This hack works only on 1.12 versions and older because the files are changed in the newer versions with challenge mode. The link to the older version is below. As for the new version i have made a video on how to get unlimited stars link is above.

Root is required. Subtitles available 😀

Topics of this Color Switch

· Over 50 million downloads!
  · It is a highly rated excellent game marking the review score 4.5.
  – It is a classic application that has been evaluated by more than 1.3 million players worldwide.
  · New version 6.7.1 starts distribution. New features and improvements are being made.

Goodness of the way balls start to move, stages that change every time, sudden devils mode, etc. This forgiveness will ignite the gamers. The goodness of this game seems to have a luck element, but if you get lost for a moment, it is a point of emphasis on ability to finish immediately. It will be turned away.