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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – 10 Tips For the Newer Player【Gameplay Android iOS】

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a very interesting and rewarding game.
The video introduces 10 things to do first in this game! Please take a look.

Attraction of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars’ turn-based battle RPG “Star Wars / Heroes of the Galaxy” that you can enjoy with two viewpoints of light side and dark side and team formation!

Latest information

Ship battle appears! With the biggest update this year, let ‘s fly to the universe with your favorite Star Wars character. Newly added functions:
• Fleet Commander deepens the strategy of the game
• Ship battle that will be deployed with unprecedented units as a result of reinforcement requests
• Major ship including Star Destroyer of Grand Moff · Takin can be created
• Let’s collect various ship and crew including Millennium Falcon (EP 7) and Jedi Starfighter of Ahsoka
• Let’s get a ship design drawing with fleet Arena battle

At least it is natural to know the name position of the character that came out in the movie, is not it? A game of feeling. People who do not know well may feel like rare characters even if they come out who they are. On the contrary, people who do not know can look into themselves and enjoy enjoying it.