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Botanicula Walkthrough Review Part 1

If you would like to enjoy Botanicula (Botanicula), please watch this video.

My french review will be published soon on Stay tuned and thank you for watching.

Mes impressions concernant Botanicula ne devraient plus tarder à arriver sur

Zum deutsche Spieler : Hier gibt es Botanicula Lösung. Leider ist auf französchisch aber das Video braucht doch kein Wort zum glück.

“Botanicula (Botanicalula)” is an art action adventure game that becomes five plants and adventures to save the last seed of the hometown big tree that has been parasitized.

It is a game by Amanita Design which produced Machinarium (Machinarium) and Samorost (Samorost) which won many awards and Czech’s band DVA.