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Puzzle & Dragons -How To Get 3 MILLION EXP 【Not a Hack/Glitch】Android iOS

This video introduces how To Get 3 MILLION EXP.
If you want to enjoy Puzzle & Dragons, please watch this.

Attraction of Puzzle & Dragons

Battle with Match 3 puzzle to erase all three drops of the same color. The balance between the real ability to progress as much as practicing and the luck factor that happens to cause a convenient drop to disappear is exquisite. Sometimes I give a shout while guts posing, sometimes tears of sorrow wet the cheeks, this is an app filled with magnificent drama.

Points you enjoy

・A puzzle where luck and ability are tangled exquisitely. Emotions and sorrows are condensed in the battle of a few seconds.
・Character collection and training elements are enriched. A system that can steadily become stronger as much as I worked.
・Limited to cooperative play Dungeon, new way of playing appears one after another. It can be enjoyed for a long time.