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Marvel Contest of Champions – All Champions Special Attack Knockouts【Gameplay】

Here is the video of All Champions Special Attack Knockouts!
If you want to enjoy “Marvel Contest of Champions”, please watch this video.

A compilation of super attack/3rd special finishing moves for each champion in the game so far. All were from actual arena battles (except the last one) in the past few weeks.

Ordered alphabetically by champion name
Abomination vs. Hulkbuster – Gamma Bomb
Ant-Man vs. Yellowjacket – Ant-Sized Knockout
Black Bolt vs. Ronan – Hypersonic Whisper
Black Panther vs. Wolverine – For Wakanda!
Black Widow vs. Magik – Widow’s Bite
Captain America vs. Superior Iron Man – American Justice
Captain America WWII vs. Captain America – American Justice
Captain Marvel vs. Iron Patriot – Rocket Punch
Colossus vs. Hulk – Unbreakable
Cyclops vs. Wolverine – Gigawatt Blast
Daredevil vs. Unstoppable Colossus – Deliverance*
Deadpool vs. Electro – Hold Up*
Dr. Strange vs. Magneto – The Prestige
Drax vs. Ronan – The Destroyer
Electro vs. Spider-Man – Electrocution
Gamora vs. Ronan – Godslayer
Hawkeye vs. Winter Soldier – Explosive Barrage
Hulk vs. Abomination – Worldbreaker
Hulkbuster vs. Hulk – Hulk-Buster
Iron Fist vs. Black Panther – Shou-Lao the Undying
Iron Man vs. Magneto – Billion-Dollar Punch
Iron Patriot vs. Captain America – Air Strike
Juggernaut vs. Unstoppable Colossus – Avatar of Cyttorak
Magik vs. Black Widow – Singularity
Magneto vs. Iron Patriot – Cold-Blooded Fusion*
Ms. Marvel vs. Juggernaut – Rocket Punch
Punisher vs. Superior Iron Man – Payback
Rhino vs. Dr. Strange – Ram
Rocket Raccoon vs. Yellowjacket – The Big Blaster
Ronan vs. Drax – Kree Execution
Scarlet Witch vs. Magneto – Chaotic Bombardment
Spider-Man vs. Yellowjacket – Thwip, Thwip, Pow!
Star-Lord vs. Ronan – Heroic Blast
Storm vs. Thor – Tempest
Superior Iron Man vs. Captain America – Billion-Dollar Punch
The Vision vs. Thor – Physical Disruption
Thor vs. Hulk – Odin’s Wrath
Ultron vs. Captain America – Eradication*
Unstoppable Colossus vs. Scarlet Witch – Unbreakable
Vision vs. Ultron – Physical Disruption
War Machine vs. Black Panther – Heavy Ordnance
Winter Soldier vs. Wolverine – Fist of the Red Army
Wolverine vs. Cyclops – Kill-Frenzy
Yellowjacket vs. Ant-Man – Biosting Barrage
Ant-Man vs. Rocket Raccoon – Special Attack Switched
Captain America vs. Thanos – American Justice Finale

*Champions I didn’t own so move is from opponent.

Attraction of “Marvel Contest of Champions”

A fighting fight game where you can fight with Marvel characters such as Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man.
Battle of online competition and team warfare, story mode which can be played all by yourself, etc are fulfilling contents.