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WWE Champions Walkthrough Review Android #1【Gameplay】

If you want to enjoy WWE Champions gameplay, please watch this video.

Welcome to WWE Champions! A brand new WWE mobile game! It’s as if Bejeweled and WWE 2K17 had a baby!

About “WWE Champions”

This is a match puzzle action game that solves puzzles and sets pro wrestling skills that all the successive super wrestlers of WWE appear.

“WWE Champions” is a new sense RPG game where the WWE’s strongest super stars aiming for the throne crash. Make your own super star team and challenge successive WWE champions.

You send the team to the WWE ring and check the skills of the fight. If you win it will be an immortal champion, if you lose it will taste the difficulty of defeat. Let’s win the “WWE Champions” to find fellows in the WWE fans community, aim for fame, strength and victory!

In “WWE Champions”, the strongest superstars in history collide! In this RPG game you can play for free, a dream battle aiming for the strongest in history will be realized.

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