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Marvel: Contest of Champions -Walkthrough Act 4 Chapter 4 – Maestro Last Boss Battle + Ending [FULL]

If you enjoy Marvel Contest of Champions, please watch this video!

Walkthrough Act 4 Chapter 4 – Maestro Last Boss Battle + Ending

Marvel Contest of Champions

A marvelous heroes for Marvel fans!
The highest quality graphics with realistic feeling that has jumped out of the world of comics!
Unique movement and deathblow of each hero!
Of course Marvel fans as well as people who do not know Marvel will have enough content to enjoy.
It is perhaps the highest quality ever recorded among MARVEL series games.

Become stronger by gathering the strongest heroes and strengthen it.Marvel All Star Battle Character.Because it is an action game, course playing skill is also necessary, but it is strengthened by collecting hero and villin strategically and organizing the team and level up You can do.