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SimCity BuildIt: Best City Layout【Play Games】

If you want to enjoy game play or capture, or want to cheat or hack, please watch this video.

Pro strategy city layout for the game SimCity BuildIt played on iPad. Learn how to divide the land into grids for streets and skyscrapers with the optimal Sim population. You won’t be wasting precious land by utilizing the minimum space required for each type of building and service. Learn where to place the Fire Station, Health Clinic, and Police Station so that each reaches all your skyscrapers buildings (residential). Keep pollution to a minimum by moving your factories, sewage, and garbage areas in a far away place. Every type of building is accounted for. Parks are placed on the first row (space allocated for them). Near the end of the video, it shows how to expand the land and extend the street. For more city design and pro gaming strategies, please subscribe.

“Sim City” which can be said to be the origin of urban development game finally appears as “SimCity BuildIt” in the application!

Sim City is a full-scale simulation game that will become the mayor, listen carefully to the voices of citizens, and build the best city.
This work also inherited the elements of the previous series, you can enjoy the familiar struggling city creation such as infrastructure improvement and huge disasters.