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SimCity BuildIt – 1 Killer Traffic Tip | Blocks Plays BuildIt E10 | AYB45【Gameplay】

If you want to enjoy game play or capture, or want to cheat or hack, please watch this video.

How to eliminate traffic problems and save some Simoleons, credit to MarcusDrakus over on Reddit

How to Eliminate Traffic issues and save some $! from SCBuildIt

Skip straight to the killer traffic tip;

EDIT: This tip still works very effectively since the update to roads. Remember to use the layout carefully and correctly – as a method for growth. You will be save yourself Simoleons in the short term, before redesigning and upgrading your roads in the long term. Good luck Mayors! Check out the later episodes in this series to see how my City develops;

Hello Mayors! Watch and play along with me as we build, craft and design our way in the latest version of SimCity.

SimCity BuildIt is a new game designed for mobile devices and is available for iOS and Android. Let me know in the video comments what you’d like to see me try next!

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Here’s a step-by-step image of how I made the pixel art for my custom thumbnails;

You can get more information on SimCity BuildIt here;

Music by Tobu
My Own Paradise

[There is a little crackling on the sound for this video, which is being caused by SimCity BuildIt – I think by the background music track. I haven’t yet worked out if there is a way to reduce or eliminate it, but it is also doing it when just playing the game on my iPad and not recording. I have logged it as an issue with the game’s developers.]


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“Sim City” which can be said to be the origin of urban development game finally appears as “SimCity BuildIt” in the application!

Sim City is a full-scale simulation game that will become the mayor, listen carefully to the voices of citizens, and build the best city.
This work also inherited the elements of the previous series, you can enjoy the familiar struggling city creation such as infrastructure improvement and huge disasters.