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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tips Tricks【Cheats】

If you want to enjoy Final Fantasy Brave Exvius cheats, please watch this video!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvice

Final Fantasy Brave Exvice co-produced by Alim familiar with Square Enix and Brave Frontier who handle the FF series … That is the “Final Fantasy Brave Exvice”!

View of the world

People were filled by the power of Crystal and countries continued prosperity.
But as the dark ecles the light, its peace is condemned to be fake.
When Lapis ticks to the end, two knights stand up to the dark with a vision.
This is a story of a new crystal –

Basic operation

Tap the character status column at the bottom of the screen to attack the enemy.
Attacking another character will cause a chain and attack power will rise.
When attacking enemies repeatedly, gauges of “limit burst” prepared for each character accumulate.
When it gets stuck, you can activate the limit burst technique prepared for each character.
By overlapping attacks, “summoning gauge” on the right side of the screen accumulates.
You can use the summoned beast to accumulate this gauge.