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Descargar War Dragons APK (Juego de estrategia en 3D para Android)【Play Games】

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Descargar War Dragons APK (Juego de estrategia en 3D para Android)

War Dragons es un emocionante juego de estrategia en 3D y en tiempo real que te pone en control del ejército del dragón. Únete a un clan y ayuda a tus aliados a lanzar ataques en PVP, y mantener a distancia las incursiones enemigas en un verdadero juego en tiempo real.

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“War Dragons” is a strategy simulation game with dragons as the main. Why do not you enjoy the real-time strategy of manipulating the dragons and invading the islands and defending them.

The main purpose is to manipulate the dragon and invade other islands while developing the base island. At the base, you can set up materials, dragon breeding, defensive facilities to prevent invasion from other players, invading the other player’s islands, you can get materials necessary for establishing the facility and experience values of the dragon .

The dragon is made real. The operation is also quite easy, so as to prevent the enemy ‘s dragon from being attacked, install an elevator machine and a stone machine on your territory and prepare to prevent the enemy from invading.