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Monster Strike 8.0.0 CHEAT HACK – Unlimited Strikes – 2017【android ios】

The video that introduced “Game Hack” of “Monster Strike” is this!

Monster Strike

“Monster Strike” is a new sensory action RPG game that gives damage by flicking and shooting player’s monster, hitting enemy characters.

One of Monst’s great attractions is its simple and clear gaming characteristics.
Monsters that hit the wall will reflect, so adjusting the launch angle will give you a great deal of damage! Also, if you hit an ally monster, you will be bursting a friendship combo with a flashy director.

Basic flow of game

Monst is easy to understand the flow of play.
You can challenge by choosing quests from “quest” on the menu, and you will be cleared by defeating the boss.
As a reward you can get gold and monsters so let’s use those to strengthen monsters and strengthen your party.

Enemy monsters and bosses appearing in quests become stronger as they become late, so let’s clear the quests that can be cleared and train the party when they can not be defeated.

Gaming attraction: There are lots of monsters

Let’s collect abundant monsters that are slightly over 1000 kinds, strengthen reinforced materials, etc. and strengthen and strengthen towards a huge boss.

Most monsters can evolve and various capabilities will be powered up as they evolve.
In addition, some monsters are able to combine divine animals whose ability is enhanced beyond evolution.

Charm of game 2: Cooperative play

Particularly cooperative play is fun, and attacks become even stronger by touching with friends. I feel the feeling that we are fighting together.