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Monster Strike: Gameplay #1 Tutorial For Biginners【Play Games】

This video explains Monster Strike (Monst) ‘s gameplay so that beginner can enjoy it. While watching this tutorial video, please enjoy it!

Monster Strike(Monst)

This game is an abbreviation for “Monster Strike”. For iOS / Android.
Pull the raised monster with your finger and hit the enemy monster and kill it New sensation action RPG! After party with your favorite monster, let’s go hunting! You can cooperate with up to 4 friends on multiplayer!

How to enjoy games

■ Let’s advance a normal quest!
Let’s advance “normal quest” first. If you have a powerful monster you can advance the game alone to the end. It is possible to advance at your own pace without worrying about knowledge and player skills.

■ Play gacha and get monsters first!
Let’s use orbs and get new monsters with gacha.

■ Let’s strengthen monsters!
You can raise the level by raising the experience value of the monster you got.
Experience gains by winning the battle, but you can also raise it significantly by compositing monsters.

■ Let’s match attributes!
Monst monsters each have five attributes (fire, water, tree, light, darkness).
The damage and the damage received are different depending on the affinity between the attributes. Try on a deck formation that will give you greater damage according to the attributes of the enemy!

Let’s get a strong adventure monster!
Some monsters also have strong monsters. Because of that, difficulty is often high, so you will need to have other people help with multiplayer rather than solo.

■ Play with friends on multiplayer
Up to 4 people can cooperate. Let’s face a strong enemy with friends!
Make friends with strong monsters and activate friendship combos! Complete the battle and get the monster!