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The Escapists hacks cheat several kinds【Play Games】

If you enjoy the “Escapists” game and want to HACK, please watch this video!

Here are some hacks for The Escapists.
I just bought this game a couple days ago and have to say I love it. After beating a couple of the levels I got curious and wanted to see if I could hack it and then decided to give you guys a tutorial.

Hacked content

Stat hacks (Str, Spd, Int)
Money Hack
Heat Hack [?] Not sure how well this actually works
Fatigue Hack

Attraction of games

“The Escapists” is a 2D graphic jailbreak game with the theme “Prison jail”.

The game system itself is very easy.
Just steal the eyes of the guards while gathering the daily routine work at the prison, gather the necessary tools for jailbreak, and find the route to jailbreak.

Nevertheless, if you keep an eye on the guards, you may get inspections of your belongings and your room. You live as a model prisoner and you have to work with yourself on the back.

Money is a very important element. Although you can work daily and collect piles, there are also ways to get rewards in return in response to requests from other prisoners.

Let’s buy and steal items from other prisoners and make goods for jailbreak combining them!