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Spongebob Moves in CHEAT (GET FREE COINS AND JELLY JARS)【Play Games】

If you want to enjoy game play or capture, or want to cheat or hack, please watch this video.

Hey guys! I was looking online and found this… I hope this helps you move forward in the game since it is hard to get jelly jars and quests done… Sorry about the scratching sound in the background but I hope you still enjoy! -Pwengin1 P.S. If you want to set the time back, make sure you haven’t collected anything and all the money is waiting for you to collect. Then change the time back and you can do it again! 🙂

“SpongeBob Moves In” is a box games game where you customize the undersea city bikini bottom that is the stage of the popular anime “Sponge Bob” as you like.

Basically it is contents to enjoy the engagement of characters while doing the mission. As the bikini bottom develops, characters of works also appear one after another, so power comes in for building building.

It is also an interesting point of this work that a variety of missions such as “Make a building of ~” “Plant the plant of ~” are presented. If you clear it, you can get a coin, which is the currency in the game, so please try it.