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Horse Adventure Tale of Etria – 1.4.0 Apk Mod Hack Cheats

If you want to hack Horse Adventure Tale of Etria, please watch this video.

Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria

This game is an adventurous and open-world adventure game that adventures a wide world by riding a horse and performs missions.

3D action adventure that you can freely explore the magical world such as desert, jungle, heaven on a horse.

The operation is very simple, about 3 directions rotation / acceleration · deceleration · jump to the left and right.

People who have played “3D Zelda” and “Colossus of Wanda” will be jumping over, the whole pleasure of adventuring vast fields with a love horse is packed whole! It is!

“Assassin’s Creed” There are also things made by Ubisoft who deals with other major episodes, it is a good work with plenty of quality and high quality!
Would you like to travel with Ai Ma in a spacious world?