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Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria (by Ubisoft Entertainment) – adventure game for android – gameplay.【Play Games】

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Join the magical world of Etria and get ready for amazing adventures!
Train and ride your horses through poetic lands to solve mysteries and help the Ancients find their Millennial Horses.
RIDE freely in a wide magical world and through magnificent settings
LIVE an epic adventure full of surprises
CARE for your horses by stroking and grooming them
TRAIN your horses and develop their personality
CUSTOMIZE your hero and your horse with hundreds of possibilities and items
COMPETE with your friends in jumping events and amazing races in Etria
HELP EACH OTHER OUT and visit your friends’ paddock to look after their horses
GIFT and EXCHANGE items with your friends within the game
TAKE PICTURES of you and your horse anywhere in the world

The Ancients need you! The Millennial Horses have disappeared and only you can bring them back, and restore balance and peace in Etria.
So start living this wonderful adventure and ride your horses in mighty forests, heavenly beaches, marvelous canyons and so much more! You will cross paths with many friends and cute animals over your journey.

“Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria” is an adventure game that runs through a vast field, riding a horse that breathes perfectly.

Dynamic 3D space, coast and canyon spread. Jumping while riding a horse is also possible, the refreshing feeling that runs freely can not be accumulated!

The flow of the game is to go on a journey to find sacred horses while doing the requests of the villagers. It is a game I’d like to recommend to people who love mystery rather than battle.