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Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria Gameplay Android / iOS【Play Games】

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Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria Gameplay

Dive into the magical world of Etria and prepared to face great adventures! Train and through suggestive lands riding your horses, solving mysteries and helping seniors regain their Horses Millenari.
Elders need your help! Horses Millenari have disappeared and only you can find them and restore order and peace in Etria.

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“Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria” is an adventure game that runs through a vast field, riding a horse that breathes perfectly.

Dynamic 3D space, coast and canyon spread. Jumping while riding a horse is also possible, the refreshing feeling that runs freely can not be accumulated!

The flow of the game is to go on a journey to find sacred horses while doing the requests of the villagers. It is a game I’d like to recommend to people who love mystery rather than battle.