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Pokémon Duel Legit walkthrough Review【 Gameplay】

If you want to enjoy game play Pokémon Duel, please watch this video.

Game introduction

“Pokémon Duel” is a strategy battle board game using Pokemon figures.
With the deck and strategy I made with my favorite figures, I’m challenging “league match”!
“League matches” competing for skills with the aim of becoming top league with players all over the world.
Rivals will appear one after another in real time!
Let’s win your duel and strengthen your deck while getting various figures and items!

Rule is easy! The one who made the figures reach before the other’s goal wins.
Choose the route to advance, Kimi aims for a goal! Is it?
Duel is done while yours and opponents move figures alternately.
Organize a formation to attack the opponent’s position, block the path of the opponent. The bargaining is the deciding factor.
Make a strategy and win the battle against retreat!

Let’s make use of our original deck and “AI”!
Duel needs a deck made with 6 Pokemon figures.
Since a variety of Pokemon figures are prepared, consider the compatibility between Waza, Characteristics, Pokemon figures, Let’s compete with your own original deck!
AI cooperation support of your play! AI is an encouraging partner who judges himself the best one and moves the figure instead of you. Let’s actively use AI and destroy the enemy!