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Discover a new game by Voodoo Studio –
The aim of the game is simple – to capture as much of the playing field.
The principle is not complicated, but make no mistake, because you will have opponents on all the territory is not enough.
Whatever your strategy – aggressive or, on the contrary, careful – the main thing is to outsmart the enemy, capturing most of the territory. But do not forget about the Achilles’ heel of the character – his tail. Should the enemy to touch him, and for you the game is over.

But even when you’re on your way to victory – do not relax, because the game continues until someone has not completely capture the entire territory. Opponents at any moment can take away from you part of it, and they do not take this opportunity primenut.

After the success of games like Quiz Run, 1 image 8 mots and Bool, the company Voodoo offers new gaming experience in the spirit of IO-type games. In the presence of the classic IO – the combination of simplicity and strategy in a unique graphical environment. designed for all ages and does not require an internet connection.

A quix-like online squatting game that draws lines to enlarge the area.

The purpose is to move your own machine, enclose it in a line and expand your area. If other players touched the line while touching the line, touching their line by themselves, touching the outside wall, the game is over.

Conversely you can knock down by touching another player’s line.