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Rabbids Crazy Rush Android Gameplay (by Ubisoft) | Level 1 to Level 10【Play Games】

If you want to enjoy game play or capture, or want to cheat or hack, please watch this video.

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“Rabbids: Crazy rush” is a 3D run action that rabbit runs through the stage.

Players will become rabbits aiming for the moon trip, collecting pepper cans, the energy of the balloon. Please guide a crazy rabbit who is running hard at a beautiful location such as a beach.

In the game, swipe the rabbit which runs automatically, and proceed while avoiding obstacles.
Let’s achieve clear conditions such as collecting pepper cans falling on the stage so as not to hit.
If you pick up items falling on the stage you can use the vehicle for a certain time.
There are various types such as a glider that can glide at jumping, a cart that attracts pepper cans automatically.